What is fashion for you and what is fashion in Denmark today?

I think of fashion as something that describes you & your lifestyle – Maybe in a certain phase of your life or who you strives to be – As for me, I could take a look and get a pretty good indication of what appeals to a person. But Danish fashion is quite minimalistic. If you look at people around in the streets of Denmark you will see white, grey and black, which is a minimalistic trend. And the Danish aesthetics appears in my brand Twelvepieces in combination with a middle eastern touch.


Tell us something about Twelvepieces.

Twelvepieces is not only a clothing brand – it’s a lifestyle.
It’s a unique concept that only creates Twelve of each product. Every collection contains 12 styles or 12 pieces. Every piece is numbered from 1/12 to 12/12.
The name Twelvepieces actually comes from an old drawing I found some years ago and this drawing was one of the first collection I draw when I was younger.
It was written in Danish as “12 stykker” (12 pieces in English), that was actually the name; from there I made my own concept.
Twelvepieces capsule collections are built upon storytelling with new iconic silhouettes characterized by a street & minimalistic approach. The capsule collections always try to emphasize a new actual issue from our world.
The history behind the first capsule collection “The Spring” is staying true to the cultural heritage of the brand. It’s a story about the Arabic Spring and all the anarchy in the Middle East which resulted in a rebellious outtake in a natural toned palette and bold graphical prints.
My next collection is called ’Roots’ and it is the story of where I come from – Cairo, Egypt. This collection will still have the Arabic calligraphy with words like freedombrotherhood etc. but unlike the rebellions values from ‘The Spring’, this collection will also represent a more peaceful and beautiful side of Egypt, mainly inspired from my childhood when I used to visit my family for 2 months every year until the beginning of the revolution in 2011. I think it is very important to represent and showcase both sides of Egypt. Although the country has been suffering because of various dictators and corrupt politicians for years, I think it is important to stay positive and showcase Egypt and our culture on a larger scale than just my 23 years in this world.
The pyramids, camelbacks and hieroglyphs are among the things I find beautiful and inspiring. Not only they represent a time when Egypt was a frontier for the future modern society, they also helps me visualize the culture and tell the story of Egypt and – of course – my Roots.


Why to take part in HEADSTART FASHION?

We attended HSF because we heard good things about the event.
It’s the first time we have attended something like this – but we got a lot of new friends & media covered after attending HSF! So it was worth.

Amir Hassan