Handmade Papyrus Artwork

Handmade Papyrus Artwork


Twelvepieces have teamed up with a Danish graphic artist Louise Birkebaek on a collaboration series of 12 pieces of artwork on original handmade papyrus paper. A unique storytelling about the Arabic spring.

  • Original handmade papyrus paper from Cairo 
  • Each pieces is unique 
  • Every piece is numbered up to 12 and signed
  • Created In collaboration with Danish artist Louise Birkebaek
  • Italien handmade frames (Glass) 
  • Artwork size: 32 x 40 cm

"This is an abstraction of the Arabic Spring.
The pink color, and the dynamic strokes symbolises
the rebellious, power and protest of the people." 

- Louise Birkebaek

Extremely limited quantities. All pieces are numbered from 1 of 12 to 12 of 12. No restock on sold out items.   

(Artwork pieces bought outside Denmark would be shipped without frame) 

Shipping (3-5 days)

Contact Info@twelvepieces.dk for any questions.

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